The Spirit Room in Jerome Arizona


Dan & Yoshi


Dan & Yoshi

Dan & Yoshi

Dan and Yoshi have been making music together for over 25 years.  Originally worship leaders, Dan played the guitar, keyboards and piano while Yoshi sang, both being involved with a number of different groups.  They eventually began to delve into other musical genres, working on songs that they had always loved.  They took these songs to various open mics and the response was so positive that they began to book gigs.  They have now expanded their song list to include various genres spanning multiple eras.  Because of their range they can customize their set to fit nearly any venue or event, and love having people make requests from their highly diverse song list.  Now, after honing their craft as a working acoustic duo in Colorado, they have taken their years of experience to the beautiful state of Arizona.  You can currently see them performing a unique blend of rock, blues, country, soul, jazz, pop and instrumental fingerstyle guitar music.

Phillippe Holmes ::: GUITAR :::



Phillipe Holmes


Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Philippe Holmes grew up in Washington D.C. and attended Georgetown and George Washington Universities. He has composed, performed and produced music ranging from classical to hip-hop since the age of sixteen. Having led bands on both coasts through his twenties, in 2004 he moved to the small village of Monticello, New Mexico and immersed himself in the repertoire of Andrès Segovia. Most recently, he spent seven years in his mother’s native country of France, where he gave solo classical guitar recitals in churches and collaborated on projects including Romanian music and contemporary pop/rock. Philippe’s guitar technique is informed by his early interest in blues finger-picking and recent exposure to gypsy culture in French Catalonia. Whether interpreting works of J.S. Bach or modern Latin American composers, he seeks the through-line that makes a piece pertinent to listeners of all ages and interests.

Tyler Preston


Tyler Preston


Singer-songwriter Tyler Preston hails from Juneau, Alaska, though he spends most of the year on the road. He has released four albums since 2009, and his concerts have been well-received on several tours through the US and Canada. Preston’s music is soulful and timeless, at turns haunting and hopeful— the howl of a lone wolf wandering along the border between Appalachian country and Delta blues. He sounds a little like Van Morrison and Lightnin’ Hopkins out for a night on the town with Tallest Man On Earth and Shakey Graves.

RonnoPiano Hosts Open Mic!

Join us this Wednesday March 7th, for a celebration of local, home-grown music and all its many forms.  Open mic always attracts an eclectic assemblage of local music talent.  We’re sure this evening is going to be one to remember!

Our host for Open Mic is Ron Chilston.  Ron has been playing the piano off and on since the age of 7.  After spending 20 years in the Phoenix area and playing with a number of bands, he grew weary of the crime, pollution, traffic and the millions of people who shared living space in the Valley of the Sun.  It was time to move North and take life easy.  Ending up in Jerome was a happy coincidence that he is very grateful for.

Ron played keyboards in a local trio called Mountain Stranded Time with local legend John Zieglar, Christy Fisher & Tina Reichow until January 2018.  Now Ron hosts Open Mic once a month at the Spirit Room while being employed by the Jerome Fire Department as their Assistant Chief & EMT.  Ron also is  a photographer and is responsible for our website(s)!

Bring your guitar, bass, kazoo, voice or whatever you may have handy and join us in bringing some of Verde Valley musicians up for a jam.

Scandelous Hands

Scandelous Hands Band


Scandalous Hands is a four-piece rock band out of Prescott, Arizona. The band started to come together in October of 2016, when Troy Schilperoort, Adam Haar, and Dennis Messenger began working on a set of musical material that could incorporate funk grooves, jazz harmonic structures, and the exploratory improvisation of jam bands. Shawnee Snaketail soon joined the group on drums, completing the band’s roster. Since then, Scandalous Hands continues to grow, debuting new material with each performance, and unleashing an explosive inventiveness in their covers of familiar classics. Watch them live across Arizona.

Billy & The Kids


Billy & The Kids

Rockabilly Trio



Freezing cold winters, seemingly endless forests with wolves and bears, and sparsely populated countryside – not what you would normally associate with rock ‘n’ roll. Nevertheless, Stefan Billy Nilsson was born into this environment. In the small Swedish community of Lillhärdal, only 24 miles from the Norwegian border, life was tough from the very beginning. The second oldest of eleven siblings, Nilsson learned to fend for himself at an early age. Music, however, is in his genes as all of his relatives on his father’s side of the family were musically inclined.

For Nilsson, his musical preference has always been rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly. He explains that from the age of five he became obsessed with the sounds of the 50s. There were no record stores in his hometown in the 70s and early 80s, so instead, Nilsson’s mother bought vinyl records through mail order. With intense passion, the eleven-year-old taught himself to play guitar by listening to vinyl records and carefully studying album cover jackets while taking note on how Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochran held their guitars. The urge to sing and play eventually grew ever stronger. As a teenager, it was all he wanted to do. Before being kicked out of a school classroom, Nilsson’s music teacher told him he would never be a musician because he was rowdy in class. Those words of discouragement had no effect on Nilsson as he musically blossomed. Though completely self-taught, he confidently developed his own unique vocal style and can perform proficiently on the upright bass, drums, and harmonica.

In 2007 Nilsson was presented with the “Swedish Kjell Henning” scholarship award. This honor is granted yearly by the Pharaohs Car Club in Lycksele to further the development of young performers in the rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll genres.

With a musical career spanning 25 years, Nilsson has played with numerous bands and in all kinds of venue situations. He recalls one of the wildest places was at the “Sala Motor Circus” in 2013. The band would play for up to 12 hours straight inside a velodrome track while motorcycles were racing around them.

Fronting his own band, Billy and The Kids, they’ve toured Sweden, Norway, and Finland constantly since 2004. Theit music style is hard-hitting, octane-fueled rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly, with a modern twist. This past February they completed their first southwest US tour that included dates in Nevada, Southern California, and Arizona. Highlights included a featured showcase at the Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion festival.

Nilsson’s first Gretsch was a G5120 obtained in 2008. It’s still his favorite guitar as it’s used exclusively for all performances. He prefers a single-cut, hollow body with Bigsby because of its unbeatable all-round performance capabilities and clear sound. To that point, Nilsson explains it makes the perfect guitar for any music style. The Bigsby vibrato and the control layout suits him to a tee and really brings out the playfulness in his music. His most recent acquired Gretsch guitar was a G5420T which Stefan professes it also embodies that superb Gretsch sound.

Nilsson’s musical influences include early Elvis, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Ral Donner, Joe Clay, Paul Ansell, Roy Hamilton, Darrel Higham, and Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister.

Always looking forward to going out on the road to perform LIVE to new audiences, plans are already in motion for Billy and The Kids to return to the US in April 2018 for another tour. So be sure to catch them somewhere along the road.

Rio Samaya


Rio Samaya Band

Based in Vancouver, the Rio Samaya Band is made up of Pancho and Sal, partners in life as well as in music, which is full of wonderfully enchanting latin rhythms and romantic melodies in Spanish including some Italian, English and French folk songs

Six years ago Pancho and Sal created ” Rio Samaya Band” with the concept and project to tour Canada and the world like a duo and build up the band joining with local musicians using the  Rio Samaya Band Signature.  Rio Samaya Band has already debuted with incredibly talented musicians.

Their goal is to reach as many communities as possible and share their music and even merge with other world artists to record their original compositions.

With a style that flows through the folkloric traditions of Central and South America,  Rio Samaya music beats to the natural pulse of our planet, writing and  blending it with elements of folk, country, and reggae, as well as the rhythms from Gypsies in the south of France.

Sal grew up playing accordion in Vancouver but has roots in Argentina, sings ethereal harmonies and plays hand percussion instruments.  They have a unique style of translating simultaneously from Spanish to English.

Guitar, bombo, chachas, accordion, quena, flute, harmonica, piano, charango and ukulele are just some of the instruments they play.  Together they create a gentle and compelling sound.

Cult 45


Cult 45

Cult 45 is a High Energy Funk Soul Band…we get em dancin and we keep the party going.
Once you see us you will be hooked we do it up Old School style with awesome vocals and seasoned musicians taking it to the next level.

Well Dressed Wolves

Well dressed wolves band

Well Dressed Wolves (formerly known as ‘The Mods’) are rock group, based out of Phoenix, AZ. The band consists of Travis Eaton (guitar, vocals), Louis Occhiline (bass, vocals), & Gabe Rhodes (drums, vocals).

Travis Eaton, Guitarist and vocalist, began playing music around the age of four. Originally inspired by country music, he was exposed to rock ‘n’ roll after hearing Creedence Clearwater Revival. Then he heard the Beatles for the first time, and made the decision to pursue rock and roll music. When he was ten, as a tribute to the Beatles, he began performing in a band called the Moptops. He later joined a local rock band called Recall, where he met drummer Gabriel Rhodes

Gabriel Rhodes has been playing drums for approximately 26 years. He is the son of Arizona Blues Hall of Famer Danny Rhodes and has played with over 50 artists. In 2004, after having exhausted many musical ventures, Eaton and Rhodes began playing with a friend of Eaton, Louis Occhiline.

Louis Occhiline was born into a large musical family. He started playing the bass at seventeen. There had been a shortage of bassists, so he learned the basics of the instrument which led to the formation of Frequency Response a band formed by Eaton & Occhilline while still in high school. The band split in early 2004, but during this time Occhiline developed his musical style by tapping into the bass styles of Jack Bruce of Cream, John Entwistle of The Who and Paul McCartney to his own.

The band officially formed in the summer of 2004. They quickly found a chemistry that had been lacking in their previous bands. They were united by the influences of ’60s rock as well as the ’90s alternative.

Since then, the band has been hard at work, playing many shows all over AZ, most notably in the Northern AZ region. Since 2013, the band has been travelling up to Sturgis, SD every year to play the world’s biggest biker rally at the legendary Buffalo Chip.

2015 saw the release of the band’s first EP, “Keep Calm, Roll On.” The EP includes all original music.

New recordings and a tour are currently in the works for the end of 2017 early 2018.

The band will be changing their name from ‘The Mods’ to Well Dressed Wolves. For 13 years since their formation, the band has been known as ‘The Mods.’ However, as a result of legalities and copyrights linked to “The Mods” namesake, the band will be changing the band name. They played their first show as ‘Well Dressed Wolves’ on Sept. 9th 2017 .