The Spirit Room in Jerome Arizona



The MODS play the Spirit RoomThe MODS are rock group, based out of Phoenix, AZ. Originally formed in 2004, the band consists of Travis Eaton (guitar, vocals), Louis Occhiline (bass, vocals), & Gabe Rhodes (drums, vocals).

Travis Eaton, Guitarist and vocalist, began playing music around the age of four. Originally inspired by country music, he was exposed to rock ‘n’ roll after seeing a clip of the Beatles performing “All My Loving” on the Ed Sullivan Show. When he was ten, as a tribute to the Beatles, he began performing in a band called the Moptops as well as playing classical guitar in competition for the Verde Valley Music Association. Later he found himself playing with the band Recall alongside future band member Gabriel Rhodes.

Gabriel Rhodes has been playing drums for approximately 21 years. He is the son of Arizona Blues Hall of Famer Danny Rhodes. At age 11, along with playing drums for his father, he has been part of bands Recall, Heavy Soul, and Denarius. In 2004, after having exhausted all other musical ventures, Eaton and Rhodes began playing with a friend of Eaton, Louis Occhiline.

Louis Occhiline was born into a large musical family. He started playing the bass at seventeen. There had been a shortage of bassists, so he learned the basics of the instrument. He played with Eaton in a band called Frequency Response. The band split in early 2004. Over the past few years, Occhiline has developed his music by trying to apply the bass styles of John Entwistle of The Who and Paul McCartney to his own.

They began playing in Rhodes’ garage in the summer of 2004. They quickly found a chemistry that had been lacking in their previous bands. They were united by the influences of ’60s rock as well as the ’90s alternative.


Moondog performing at the spirit roomMoondog will be hosting open mic!  If you are a musician, or a wannabe musician, bring your chosen instrument to the Spirit Room and sign up to perform on the Spirit Room stage!

Dog of the Moon is the stage name of singer- songwriter Aaron Carl Swensen of Jerome, Arizona. Inspired by the musical legends of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan & Neil Young, Dog of the Moon specializes in his own cosmic blend of ‘Country Folk Rock Blues with an Outlaw Hippie Attitude’. His unique collection of original tunes include slow, reflective ballads, mid-tempo country ramblers and heavy, outrageous rockers. Upon hearing Dog of the Moon, one may recall a time long ago when life was simpler, people were friendlier, and the music was much more meaningful…

Do not pass up this exciting opportunity to have the Dog of the Moon work his musical magic upon you….

Blane Long

blane longAs a singer-songwriter, Blaine Long has been on a musical journey for more than 15 years. Born in West Virginia and raised in Arizona, Blaine was a high school dropout who had to learn the hard way, from serving up fast food to digging ditches and odd jobs. Blaine discovered guitar, singing, and especially songwriting. Blaine fronted an original Tempe-based band for most of the 90s.  When the rock band broke up, he continued as a solo artist and began playing solo at coffee shops and bars, moving around to Boulder, San Diego, Los Angeles, and wherever music would take him.  He eventually returned and has stayed in Arizona playing his original songs for a living.  Blaine has released an album per year for the last 5 years and shows no sign of stopping. Today, Blaine Long’s music is marked by warm and soulful vocals and a powerful rhythmic acoustic guitar style. You can find Blaine on most nights, whether in Arizona or on tour, working on his craft in front of a live audience.


Tesoro – Art highly prized for its beauty and perfection.

tesoro bandNot many bands can live up to such a description. But in the case of Tucson based band, Tesoro, not only is this accurate, but it’s the only way to describe the myriad of styles and talent that make up this outstanding group.

Equally comfortable on a dark stage in a bar, during the beating heat of a street fair, at weddings or corporate affairs, a

Tesoro show is a provocative experience. Catchy original compositions, new takes on classics and the ability to entertain those from age 8 to 80, all combine to make Tesoro one of the most exciting bands currently playing around the Southwest.

A fusion of flamenco, rock, pop, rumba and cumbia guitars is the main focus of Tesoro.

Combo Deluxe

A Spirit Room and Verde Valley Favorite, Combo Deluxe will have you dancing, smiling and laughing.  Come join us!

combo deluxe perorming at the spirit room in jerome azLlory McDonald

Musical Background –   Llory started her musical career on Clarinet at the age of 6, playing in the band until 8th grade, when her brother threw his guitar in the garbage and she rescued it.

She joined her first rock band in high school, playing guitar, slide guitar and singing at dances and proms in Phoenix. She started playing the clubs in Phoenix at age 17 and formed her own band, The Llory McDonald Band in 1979. They opened for Paul Butterfield, Deep Purple, Iggy Pop, Jerry Riopelle and others.

They were playing concerts and clubs throughout the state of Arizona until 1984, when she moved to Los Angeles. There, she was playing in her own band Odds and Ends and in Jerry Riopelle’s band as a sideman.

She signed to Arista Records in 1988. She recorded a single which appeared on the “1988 Summer Olympics” album, along with various other artist including Eric Clapton and Whitney Houston. She also sang background vocals on Lita Ford’s 1988 release “Lita” on Dreamland Records. She signed a 3-year music publishing contract (1988-1990) with Blue Rider Music, where she sang on various singles and demos.

Dropped by Arista in 1989, she left the music business for the film industry, working as a production assistant and driver on films such as “The Dark Wind” with Lou Diamond Phillips and “When a Man Loves a Women” with Meg Ryan. She moved back to Arizona in 1994 and helped form Combo Deluxe.

Musical influences – Slide guitar players, Bonnie Raitt, Lowell George, also Ry Cooder, Linda Ronstadt, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and soul music of the late 60’s and 70’s were a big influence.

Favorite Artist – Linda Ronstadt, Deborah Harry, Sheyl Crow, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Marvin Gaye. She could go on and on …

Equipment – Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster guitar, Fender Hotrod Deville 212 Amp, EV mic, Nady cordless unit, various slides.

Hobbies – Golf and pondering

Likes – Margaritas, Mexico, funky soul music, good films and N.P.R.

Luke Jarrett has been playing the harp for some 30 years, and it’s truly his second love.

Over the years he has performed with many popular regional bands from Newport, RIto Monterey, CA, & Orange County California to Western Colorado. While residing in Southern California, he was often heard playing with opening acts at The Crazy HorseSaloon in Santa Ana, CA which was voted the ”CMA Nightclub of he Year” for several years, as well as the famous Palomino nightclub in No. Hollywood. He has also played a host of club and concert venuesup and down the west coast.

While living in Colorado he was a member of Ralph Dinosaur & The Fabulous Volcanoes, a very popular band performing in the resort towns of Telluride, Aspen, Steamboat and Durango, CO. Over the years, his popularity among professional musicians has resulted in his often being asked to take part in opening act performances for national acts such as John Mayall, J.J. Cale, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Bare, Ed Bruce and Rick Nelson. His past experience playing with country rock, rock & roll, reggae and blues bands, has honed his ability and reputation as a fine multi-genre harp player. One of Luke’s musical influences is Lee Oskar whom he recently had the pleasure of playing with at the Spirit Room in Jerome.

He can now be heard whaling away with Llory McDonald and Combo Deluxe, a band that has the well-deserved reputation as “the hottest band in Arizona.” Luke can also be heard on their CD “Haunted”. Besides playing music, Luke loves to remodel homes, being in Rocky Point, Mexico whenever possible, and sharing a good laugh whenever possible, something that comes easy when sitting in with Llory and the boys.

Billy D. Fox was born in Redwood City, California. Moved to Vancouver, Washington /Portland Oregon.

Bill started playing guitar in 1964 in a band called The Live Souls. The band could not find a “Good Drummer” so Bill’s dad took him out and brought him his first drum set. Six years later he found himself the opening act for bands like Joe Walsh and the James Gang, Tommy James and the Shondells (Crimson and Clover,) The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Elvin Bishop. His biggest moment was playing before Sly and the family Stone.

Bill went on the road tours through the 70s with bands such as the Sonics out of Seattle Washington and Merilee Rush and the Turnabouts (Angel of the Morning.)

Opening act for Sugar Loaf through the 80’s and 90’s. Toured the Hawaiian Island, Japan, Hong Kong, East Asia Jam Sessions and 1 Night Shows with Paul Revere and the Raiders, Robert Cray, Ann and Nancy Wilson (of Heart,) The Drifters, Motown Detroit’s The Arnold Brothers, Rod Price and Fog Hat.

In the mid 90’s Bill and his wife Annette opened up a small chain of Nightclubs in Vancouver Washington called Chicago Blues 1 & 2 and Pizza Blues. Bill performed with his band The Fox  Network which was made up from a large group of musicians from the Portland music scene. He would call from a list of available musicians that were not on tour at the time.

One of their favorite local artists, Lee Garrett, co- wrote “Signed Sealed Delivered” with Stevie Wonder.

In 2003 they sold the Restaurants and Night clubs Moved to Arizona and Bill’s currently with Arizona’s favorite Recording Artist Llory McDonald and Combo Deluxe and Bill has never been happier “The End.”

Mountain Stranded Time

mountain stranded time playing at the spirit roomQuickly becoming a Spirit Room, Jerome local favorite, Mountain Stranded Time is more than a clever play on words. This easy-groove band is musically more than the sum of its parts which includes John Ziegler, Jill Wood, and Ron Chilston. Each set is chock full of music that covers a broad range of time periods and genres.

Jumping ahead of the details, it must be said upfront that the crisp clear voices of Ziegler and Wood cut through the din and carry an audience with them on their musical time trip. These are natural singers with wide ranges who seem to effortlessly handle music of the last six decades and an increasing number of originals.

Regional fame found singer guitar player Ziegler when he fronted Major Lingo, an Arizona highway band for 30 years and a local institution.

Chilston knows his way around a keyboard and manages to select the perfect voice for each tune whether it is country, rock, blues or jazz. MST plays eclectic set after eclectic set. You won’t file these guys in any specific category of music.

The voice of Jill Wood has the classic proportions of range and texture that melts in your mouth and your hand. She has a power and range that, with the help of her band mates, she finds the tunes that showcase her gift best.

The set list includes covers and originals that compel listening and dancing. From “You Are the Best Thing and the Worst Thing,” where Chilston’s piano rings in the intro and the bridge to “Under the Boardwalk,” and “I’m On Fire.”

Jumping a few decodes we get “Gone Gone Gone” and then the MST treatment of some of classic country tunes like “Crazy,” “Islands in the Stream,” and “Passionate Kisses.”

Mountain Stranded Time has just enough jazz in the lineup to keep that genre well represented with “Fly Me To the Moon”,  “Route 66”.  “Scotch and Soda” and more.

Black Forest Society

the black forest society bandBlack Forest Society is William Schwab (guitarist, vocals) & Dave Rentz (percussion, and various instruments.) Join them with their instrumental storytelling & inspired improvisation as they explore the spirit of nature that makes us all want to explore “the deep woods”.

Johnny Ziegler

john ziegler performing liveJohn Ziegler is an Arizona icon, making music in the Verde Valley with Major Lingo from 1982 until 2012.  Over 30 years as Arizona’s Highway Band.  Since retiring Major Lingo, John is involved in the Johnny Lingo Trio and Mountain Stranded Time.

We’re honored to have John join our amazing Open Mic Hosts.  Got some music you would like to share?  Join us and bring your guitar, your banjo, your voice, or whatever you may have to make music!

We hope to see you there!

Chris Jamison

chris-jamison“Fusing the most genuine elements of folk and country, the music strikes a balance between being wholly unique and strangely familiar.”(Kudos Magazine).  Critics and reviewers have praised Chris Jamison’s work, all turning their attention to his voice as the centerpiece. His voice, likened to Graceland era Paul Simon for its “silky… light and quick demeanor,” (C-Ville Weekly) is the centerpiece. Yet his lyrics, called “contemporary poetry” by the Austin Chronicle, and masterful sense of melody truly convey the artistic depth that sets him apart from other young songwriters on the scene today.

Jamison was born in Texas, raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and finished high school in London, England. It was in London, at age 17, that he first began writing and performing his own songs; putting his notebooks full of poetry to the music of his voice and acoustic guitar. Since graduating from the University of Virginia in 2006 with a degree in political science Jamison has independently released four records (mastering the first two, Into Surrender and Strangers and Lovers, at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios).

The summer of 2013 marked the beginning of a new chapter with Jamison releasing his fourth record, Sleeping with the T.V. On. Called his “best yet” by the Equal Ground, it’s a timely collection that reflects a young songwriter finding his true voice by seeing beyond himself. It is music that harkens back to a time when a song could be catchy and still carry the weight of depth and honesty. This is contemporary-folk at its very best: raw and pure yet heartfelt and thoughtful.

Chris currently lives off-the-grid in Northern Arizona’s Verde Valley writing, recording and performing his music full-time.