The Spirit Room in Jerome Arizona


Carvin Jones

Carvin JonesCarvin Jones was born in Lufkin, Texas. At a very young age, he was seduced to the blues by listening to BB King records his grandfather constantly played in the house. At age 11, Carvin remembers “my grandmother bought me my first guitar because I would borrow other people´s and when they came back to get them, I´d bum out. She took me downtown and bought me a guitar. I´ll never forget that day.” Carvin recalls “my part of town was a rough neighborhood with a capital ´R´.  I saw people litterally get killed – shot, stabbed, whatever. The guitar kept me out of trouble because I was always inside playing the guitar away from that.”

For a few years after high school, Carvin was performing small gigs around Texas.  He decided to move to Arizona for a change of pace. In 1989, he moved in with his aunt and uncle, The Rev. Henry Adams and his wife Mattie, in their home in south Phoenix. “They took me in and I owe all my success to them.  If it weren´t for them, there wouldn´t be any Carvin Jones” he says.

Thus, the first incarnation of the “Carvin Jones Band” was formed, and he began taking gigs anywhere they could get bookings. ”We´d go in and play for hamburgers and soda pop” Carvin laughs.

By March, 1991, the Band had gained tremendous popularity, and were playing at clubs all over the Valley. They have maintained a consistent seven nights-a-week performance schedule since then.  In March 2000, Carvin celebrated his 3000th performance! It is now well into 2011 and Carvin has logged over 6000 performances!!

Over the past years, the Carvin Jones Band has opened for guitar legends BB King, Santana and Albert King, and has performed with Joe Cocker and the Fabulous Thunderbird’s at the House of Blues 1996 Tour in Phoenix. The Band opened for REO Speedwagon in 1998 at New Year’s Eve, and has been a feature band of Fiesta Bowl’s New Year’s Eve Block Parties several times.

Cadillac Angels

Tony Balbinot of the Cadillac Angels

Tony Balbinot of the Cadillac Angels

With over one million miles of touring the U.S.A., nine European countries, over 170 shows booked in 2011 and 17 CD releases, the Cadillac Angels are one of the hardest working bands in the business . . .

The Eleventh Hour

11th hr band logoClassic rock band from Cottonwood, AZ. The Eleventh Hour Band plays all kinds of songs, from The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Tom Petty, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana, Aerosmith, and more!

We love to see people dance out there, we’re all about a nice dance groove. 🙂

Johnny Ziegler

john ziegler performing liveJohn Ziegler is an Arizona icon, making music in the Verde Valley with Major Lingo from 1982 until 2012. Over 30 years as Arizona’s Highway Band. Since retiring Major Lingo, John is involved in the Johnny Lingo Trio and Mountain Stranded Time.

We’re honored to have John join our amazing Open Mic Hosts. Got some music you would like to share? Join us and bring your guitar, your banjo, your voice, or whatever you may have to make music!

We hope to see you there!

Rebecca De La Torre

rebecca de la toreeWith her lustrous singing voice and rich musicality, Rebecca De La Torre is quickly becoming the quintessential singer, songwriter, and pianist of her generation. An all-around musician who first learned to read music at the age of four, Rebecca’s incredible talent for pop, Latin jazz, and R&B is perfecting how music is performed.

Leaving digital enhancement and recording trickery to the wayside, Rebecca knows that her genuine musicianship can be heard, seen, and felt by those who experience her music. Whether she is alone with her piano singing the latest radio hits, in a duo or trio playing for an intimate wedding, or moving and shaking the crowd with the Rebecca De La Torre Band, she intuitively knows how to lockdown her audience with the tunes that make them want to hear more.

“It’s all about playing music that I know my audience will enjoy, shared Rebecca. From playing gigs around the country to recording in Nashville, even having my own professional recording studio – I’m taking everything I’ve learned to perfect my craft. I want to play really great music that people can really connect with.”

Though voice and piano have always played a major role in Rebecca’s life, her journey with music started with the trombone. As a young teen, she picked up the brass instrument and quickly became an all-state 1st trombonist in Alabama. At 14 she took on the world of classical singing, began starring in numerous local musical productions, and garnered a bookcase full of awards for voice and trombone. Regardless of these early successes, it never occurred to Rebecca that her passion could someday be her profession. Being a practical A+ student, Rebecca chose to come to Arizona on scholarship to study engineering at ASU.

Like all things Rebecca dedicated herself to, she quickly climbed the corporate ladder to become a Senior Engineer with one of the world’s largest defense contractors. Despite the recognition and rewards felt with this achievement, Rebecca continued to feel the enormous pull of her heart to music. Alongside her strenuous job, she was engaged to sing for the Arizona Opera, and joined Orquestra Panamericana, a popular Phoenix-based Latin music band. “I enjoyed it so much that I learned how to speak Spanish fluently,” recalls Rebecca. “I just knew that music was all I really wanted to do.”

With a little leap of faith, Rebecca began preparing herself to transition out of engineering and into the arms of her music career. She devoted herself to studying the piano and perfecting her pop-soul vocal style. She found the right opportunity to make music her full-time profession when she became the Music Director for the Queen of Peace Catholic Church. “People thought I was absolutely crazy to leave my lucrative engineering career behind, but I have never felt regret. Making music my life is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Rebecca became a full-time musician in the summer of 2006, and has since been featured at Phoenix hotspots such as The Rhythm Room and The Nash owned by Jazz in AZ. Her first EP titled “I’m Coming Home” was released in 2011 followed by two further LP album releases in 2013 – “Incognito”, which she recorded in Nashville, and her first Spanish-English language album “I Surrender / Yo Me Entrego”.

Like all true creative beings, Rebecca expresses her creativity not only through song, but also in her music business ventures. TopKat Studios is Rebecca’s company and state-of-the-art recording studio space located in Tempe, Arizona.

“Here is where I harbor my creative music projects and support other artists who dream about making their art happen,” says Rebecca.

Currently, Rebecca is recording her next studio albums at both her Tempe studio and in Nashville. She is also scheduling performances along the west coast from Phoenix, AZ to Seattle, WA. With every note she plays and every song she sings, Rebecca is fulfilling her dreams and touching the lives of those who love to hear her sing and play the piano.

“I want to engage with my ‘tribe’ of fans so I can play the music they want to hear. Let’s email and let’s talk! I want to get to know you. I’ve learned to play a variety of genres so there’s something for everyone when I perform. I’m here to serve through my love of music.”

Sir Harrison

Sir Harrison performs at the Spirit RoomHarrison Begay was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, is full blooded Navajo (Dine’). His passion for blues music and the guitar have been the driving force in his quest for artistry. He started playing music at the age of eight. The clarinet being his first instrument. It would not be until the early years of high school that Harrison would pick up his first guitar.

Harrison first took the stage in 1999 at a blues jam in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Every week he returned and the audience wanted more. This was the time for him to learn, grow and work with other musicians. His first band would take on the name, “Colorblind”, a power trio that was complimented by the tasteful bass-lines of producer and recording engineer, Leo Okeke.

In the summer of 2000 Colorblind was called to fill a major time slot that opened up at the Tulsa Blues Festival at the historic Cain’s Ballroom . Wanting the exposure, his the band played for free. That night they brought the house down.

Sir Harrison’s music and stage performance has attracted a broad audience. His guitar playing is straight from the soul. He’s been compared to Albert Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Cray, but Sir Harrison’s guitar playing has his own unique sound.

His current band, “Sir Harrison and the Blues Kings,” was formed in 2004 in Flagstaff, Arizona. The members are veteran musicians. Singer song-writer and bassist, Richard Neville who has toured with Poco, Vince Gill, Mickey Gilley, Tanya Tucker and guitar virtuoso Phil Brown. Drummer, Eddy Barattini has toured with Richie Havens, Stanley Jordon and is also an accomplished recording engineer and composer. Together their music is a combination of rhythmic patterns, all in a motion created by Sir Harrison’s body language and soulful guitar riffs. It’s smooth, funky, rock-in and whole lot of blues power.


The MODS play the Spirit RoomThe MODS are rock group, based out of Phoenix, AZ. Originally formed in 2004, the band consists of Travis Eaton (guitar, vocals), Louis Occhiline (bass, vocals), & Gabe Rhodes (drums, vocals).

Travis Eaton, Guitarist and vocalist, began playing music around the age of four. Originally inspired by country music, he was exposed to rock ‘n’ roll after seeing a clip of the Beatles performing “All My Loving” on the Ed Sullivan Show. When he was ten, as a tribute to the Beatles, he began performing in a band called the Moptops as well as playing classical guitar in competition for the Verde Valley Music Association. Later he found himself playing with the band Recall alongside future band member Gabriel Rhodes.

Gabriel Rhodes has been playing drums for approximately 21 years. He is the son of Arizona Blues Hall of Famer Danny Rhodes. At age 11, along with playing drums for his father, he has been part of bands Recall, Heavy Soul, and Denarius. In 2004, after having exhausted all other musical ventures, Eaton and Rhodes began playing with a friend of Eaton, Louis Occhiline.

Louis Occhiline was born into a large musical family. He started playing the bass at seventeen. There had been a shortage of bassists, so he learned the basics of the instrument. He played with Eaton in a band called Frequency Response. The band split in early 2004. Over the past few years, Occhiline has developed his music by trying to apply the bass styles of John Entwistle of The Who and Paul McCartney to his own.

They began playing in Rhodes’ garage in the summer of 2004. They quickly found a chemistry that had been lacking in their previous bands. They were united by the influences of ’60s rock as well as the ’90s alternative.

Dead Hot Workshop & Prehab

Two Valley Bands will be performing this evening!  Dead Hot Workshop and Prehab.

Dead Hot Workshop

dead hot workshopAlong with the Gin Blossoms, the Refreshments, and the Pistoleros, Dead Hot Workshop helped transform Tempe, AZ — the Phoenix suburb that houses Arizona State University — into a musical hotbed in the 1990s. The guitar-driven lineup was led by singer/songwriter Brent Babb, who formed the band during the late ‘80s with help from guitarist Steve Larson, drummer Curtis Grippe, and bassist Brian Griffith. Dead Hot Workshop built up a sizable following with shows at Long Wong’s, Sun Club, and other Tempe venues, and the band began pursuing a wider audience after signing a contract with Tag Recordings, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records, in 1994.

Like a number of Tempe-based groups, Dead Hot Workshop’s sound owed a good deal to the band’s surroundings. They played desert rock & roll with a country bent, taking influence from the likes of Neil Young, Johnny Cash, and the Replacements. Tag Recordings first unveiled that sound with the 1994 EP River Otis, which was followed one year later by the full-length album 1001 (the title of which referred to the Sun Club’s street address). Dead Hot Workshop supported those releases with several tours, but they failed to find the national audience that the Gin Blossoms had secured several years prior. Following the termination of their record contract, Larson quit the lineup in 1997 and later joined Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, a regional supergroup that also featured former members of the Refreshments and Gin Blossoms. Meanwhile, Dead Hot Workshop recorded their second album, Karma Covered Apple, as a trio. Brent Babb kept Dead Hot Workshop alive during the following decade with the help of several different lineups, although the closure of Tempe’s most influential clubs — particularly Long Wong’s, which shut its doors in April 2004 — signaled an end to an era.


prehabLike the mythical bird that rose from the ashes, Phoenix based Prehab enjoys a story of resurrection all its own. The Arizona foursome spent the mid 1990’s playing as the Bedspins along Tempe Arizona’s Mill Ave, and the Southwest. For almost five years between 1993 and 1998, the band logged more than 500 live shows preforming energizing sets of mostly original songs.

The Bedspins became a songwriting machine working under producer Andy Barrett of Gin Blossoms and Stevie Nicks fame. They almost never played the same set twice because they were always adding new songs, sometimes on a per-gig basis.

Some show highlights range from playing a taco stand in Benson, to playing Cricket Pavilion w/ Def Leppard (side stage), and Celebrity Theatre with Violent Femmes and Bloodhound Gang. In 1998, after five years of pounding the pavement, they decided to take a sabbatical exploring other interests.

In 2007 two dramatic events occurred to pull the former band-mates back together. First, a close childhood friend of the band, drummer Brent Steffey, died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 36 years old. The funeral was the first time in many years that all the band-mates were in the same room together. Seeing each other again brought back miles of memories, and they all parted ways promising to stay in touch.

The second event occurred with a band member losing his battle with prescription drug addiction. He landed in Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre Antigua. Though-out his process on the path to sobriety he re-discovered his love for Music. This inspired him to pull vocalist Chris Kay out of hiding, and they started to assemble songs with the goal of landing a publishing deal. What started as a song catalog project, soon evolved into the reunion and a band that everyone was proud to be a part of: Prehab

This initial spark ignited the recording of One Is Too Many (A Thousand Is Never Enough). Released by Aahshaw records in January 09, the record was well-received and reviewed locally landing the band gigs and drawing enthusiastic crowds. Soon the band was back rehearsing and writing new material. After a short time there were 10 new songs and the search for an experienced producer began.

Many names were considered and soon it was obvious that John Hampton was the perfect man for the job. John has had an amazing career racking up several Grammys and participating in numerous Platinum and Gold records. Having recorded bands like The White Stripes, The Replacements, and Gin Blossoms it was a great honor that he decided to work with the band. The band flew to Memphis to record with John at the legendary Ardent Studios. The hallowed halls of Ardent have hosted thousands of artists ranging from BB King to ZZ Top. The vibe and history at Ardent inspired the band to track 10 songs in just 4 days.

After arriving back in Phoenix Prehab began working on the mixes with HB Abels who was instrumental in engineering and recording the first Prehab release. After months of additional recording and mixing, multiple Grammy winner Adam Ayan ( Nirvana, Foo Fighters, NIN, Keith Urban) mastered the record at Gateway sound. The result of everyone’s collective efforts is the new Aahshaw Records EP “ I Haven’t Been Completely Honest” (2013)

Shortly after completing the record long time drummer Jeff Bourne left the group to explore other opportunities. After several weeks of auditions the band welcomed Phillip Rhodes ( Gin Blossoms) to the fold. Phil brings years of experience as a platinum selling artist , performer and songwriter to band as well as a sense of humor that is a perfect fit.

The first single “ Not Coming Home” was heavily requested then added to 93.9 KWSS in August 2013. The band shot a full production video for “ Not Coming Home” which will be released in the fall of 2013. More singles and videos will follow into 2014.


Chris Kay: Vocals, Songwriter, Guitar, Keyboards

Jason Kay: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Chris Cantu: Bass, Songwriter

Phillip Rhodes: Drums, Songwriter

Jukes & Calico

calico the bandCALICO the band hails from Los Angeles, California where three wayfaring strangers made their first acquaintance in the rugged canyon valley. Kirsten Proffit, Manda Mosher, and Aubrey Richmond combine influences of old, threaded with the sounds of California Country. A blend of three part female harmony set to the backdrop of acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, resonator, and vibey electrics.

Formed in 2012, CALICO the band is a singer/songwriter super group who’s extensive touring earned them National Touring Artist Of The Year from the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2013. They’re scheduled to perform at this year’s STAGECOACH Festival 2014.

“Beautiful Lie”, the opening track from their self titled debut album was featured in a recent episode of ABC’s hit TV show Nashville and “Never Really Gone” is set to appear in NBC’s upcoming show The Night Shift. CALICO the band is known for bringing down the house with their electrifying live shows. “Jaw dropping ” – Neil Portnow (Pres & CEO, The GRAMMYS). “What could be better than not one, not two but three supremely talented songwriters-vocalists-instrumentalists? Calico is a band to be reckoned with on the L.A. scene.” – Chris Morris (Watusi Rodeo, Variety).

Officially representing the GRETSCH Roots Collection of instruments, CALICO the band’s original material pays homage to the rich musical legacy of artists such as Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Fleetwood Mac.

Ronnopiano Hosts Open Mic

Ron Chilston on the verde valley railway

Ron Chilston

Ron Chilston is a local keyboard player and hosts our open mic’s once a month.  Ron has been playing the piano off and on since the age of 7.  After spending 20 years in the Phoenix area and playing with a number of bands, he grew weary of the crime, pollution, traffic and the millions of people who shared living space in the Valley of the Sun.  It was time to move North and take life easy.  Ending up in Jerome was a happy coincidence that he is very grateful for.
Bring your guitar, bass, kazoo, voice or whatever you may have handy and join us in bringing some of Verde Valley musicians up for a jam.