The Spirit Room in Jerome Arizona


:::: Saffire ::::

December 24, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm





Saffire is a straight – up quality Rock & Roll trio with a wide and far reaching repertoire.  Their sound is authentic and driving ~ featuring complex rhythms, soulful melodies and spirited grooves.  Though newly formed this year in the Verde Valley, the three members have a tight chemistry in their love for music.  Classic tunes from the last several decades are covered in an original and very engaging way.  “It is so much fun to be playing the songs I grew up loving,” says Gina Machovina, classical guitarist/singer and songwriter for Saffire.  “But even more enlivening for me is the focus and attention we are giving to my music compositions.  They are really taking shape in the best way possible.”


Gina brings a unique virtuosity and mesmerizing quality to the forefront as well as an edgy and artistic set of original tunes.  


Percussionist Terry Brennan is a forceful and dynamic player and has a sixth sense when providing the textural backbone for the group ~ and he has a strong deep voice, and plays harmonica and sax.


Al Hinojoza, bassist, has awesomely stepped up to complete this Rock trio, learning the instrument at breakneck speed.  No one believes he has just ‘picked up’ the instrument less than a year ago.  (Gina and Terry are blown away! And so pleased!!)  


Saffire loves what they do!

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