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Jeremiah Sammartano


Jeremiah & the red eyes

Jeremiah and the Red Eyes – www.jeremiahandtheredeyes.com 
Jeremiah Sammartano, the Los Angeles based, Emmy nominated Native American singer/songwriter who fronts the bluesy/Americana group, Jeremiah and the Red Eyes, has covered many miles over the past several years – taking the various roads spreading music influenced by the raw blues of Charley Patton, the lyrical and often raucous sounds of The Pogues, the twang of Willie Nelson, and some vintage rock and roll – “Delta Blues and Twangy Grooves” – from Los Angeles outward through the Southwest, Austin, St. Louis, Nashville (where he relocated for a spell in 2008-2009), Chicago – and overseas to the UK. In the past Jeremiah has shared the stage with Willie Nelson, Southern Culture On The Skids, David Olney, Mike Stinson, SHURMAN and has performed on the radio shows: WDVX Blue Plate Special out of Knoxville, TN., The Live@Lunch show on KRFC out of Fort Collins, CO., and Chris Morris’ Watusi Rodeo show out of Los Angeles. In Spring 2011 Jeremiah received an Emmy nomination for writing music for the documentary, Prison Through Tomorrow’s Eyes. Three albums have been released – 2004’s Red Eyed And Restless and 2010’s Under Your Spell and in December 2012, a 10 song album called HOME – which was followed, in 2013, by local shows and a Southwest tour with friend Mikaela Dewar, from New Zealand currently living in Nashville, and shows across the Midwest and South. Plans for a Fall/Winter tour is in the works – and also to return to the UK.

Billy & the KIDS

Billy & the kids

The story of Billy and The Kids Rockabilly Trio
   Billy and The Kids Rockabilly Trio was formed in Sweden in 2000 and was originally created just for fun by guitarist and singer Stefan Billy Nilsson, because at the time he was touring with another Rockabilly Trio named Wreckless. The main idea with Billy and The Kids was to book gigs when Wreckless wasn’t touring. Wreckless started touring in 1995 and made two full CD’s. Wolf Cat (1999 on Last Buzz) and Boppin’ in the Dark (2005 on Tail Records). Stefan Billy is also the man behind Vince with The Peaktones. They released one album: Only Way To Ride Powerglide (2012 on Lennart Records, Sweden) which is available on Spotify.
After a couple of years, Billy and The Kids started to get more and more gigs everywhere in Norway, Sweden and Finland and up until today they have made five albums: Old Dogs Can’t Sit (2007), Love Rocket (2011), I Want You (2013), Dial My Number (2015 on El Toro Records, Spain). The last three albums were recorded and produced at Riff Hard Studios in Sweden, and are available on Spotify. Their fifth album is called Dang Dang Dang, and was released March 1st 2019 on Kept A Rollin Records, Norway. It will soon be available on Spotify.
The music and influences are both Old School and New School Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll and Rhythm’n’Blues. Billy and The Kids play both their own songs and covers by Elvis, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash among others. They also like to include a few unexpected rockabilly versions of rock songs. Inspiration and influences include Johnny Burnette, early Elvis, Gene Vincent, Ral Donner, Darrel Higham, Brian Setzer, Big Sandy, Eddie Cochran, Lemmy Kilmister, brown liquor and John Silver without filter!
Billy and The Kids have toured in Southwest US in February 2017 and April 2018 with gigs in SoCal, Nevada and Southern Arizona. They’re doing another Southwest US Tour in March/April 2019.
Stefan Billy Nilsson is sponsored by Gretsch Guitars since 2016. You can read his artist bio here: https://www.gretsch.com/guitarist/stefan-billy-nilsson/
Band members: Stefan Billy Nilsson – Guitar and vocals
Tor Andreas Roseth – Drums and backing vocals
Tom Erik Sveum – Upright bass and backing vocals

David Kane


David Kane

David Kane is a singer/songwriter, entertainer and actor.  While working in the music industry in Nashville, David Kane performed at the world famous Nashville Palace, Tootsies Orchid Lounge and has been on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  He is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association, a former member of the CMA and he is a current member of BMI with over 60 writing credits.   He has radio airplay in several regional markets and has been heard on Siris XM radio.  David has been seen on CMT, The History Channel, The Travel Channel and other cable networks in the past 2 decades.  David Kane and Open Range have opened for several major artists including Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, Jim Belushi and the Beach Boys.

David Kane also works in the self help field as a motivational speaker and a one-on-one coach.


Acoustix House – Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Acoustix House – Adam Smith

After his emergence onto the music scene in early 2010, Adam has toured all over the United States. Supporting the likes of Smokey Robinson and collaborating with guitarist and producer Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper) he continues to write and collaborate prolifically.  “He’s the real deal” says country star Brad Paisley. Self taught and playing piano and guitar, he brings a unique blend of contemporary folk and Celtic influenced music, by way of Southeast Kentucky. He is more recently known for hosting the regular “Song Swap” series at The Listening Room in Phoenix, where he collaborates with other top songwriters on one of Phoenix’s most treasured stages. Adam engages his live audiences with a string of original songs on both guitar and piano, unique interpretations of covers and classic favorites, and is currently on tour promoting his latest EP “Found Feathers.”



Ray DeSylvester’s Blue Smoke



Ray DeSlyvester



                 Ray DeSylvester’s Blue Smoke

Ray DeSylvester’s Blue Smoke plays high energy classic Chicago Blues throughout central and Northern Arizona. They keep the Blues alive with their soulful sound as they portray music similar to back porches and juke joints on the South side of Chicago.

The bands inspiration draws from the great Chess record artists who made the Mississippi saxophone (harmonica) famous, such as: Little Walter, George Harmonica Smith, James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Junior Wells. These great masters continually inspire Sweet Baby Ray’s Blue Smoke to apply legendary tones and licks to each performance.

Harpmaster, Ray DeSylvester affectionately known as Rev. Ray and Sweet Baby Ray  plays solo harmonica renditions of the national anthem at festivals and weaves throughout the audience when he performs. Ray earned the honor to represent NAZBA and compete at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January 2016. He won the Phoenix Blues Society’s Arizona Blues Showdown for top traditional solo act and was also an International Blues Competition finalist, two consecutive years.

His band performed during Walkin’ On Main 2014 through 2016,  PBS Blues Blast Fest, Superstition Blues Fest,  Camp Verde Pecan and Wine Fest, Fort Verde Days, NAZBA Challenge, Summer Corn Fest, Payson June Bug Fest, and The OTCA Blues Fest. Sweet Baby Ray plays annually at the PBS Blues Blast Festival, in the Harmonica Blast held at the Rhythm Room, and in numerous events and fundraisers at the Rhythm Room. Before retiring as a teacher, Ray performed with Phoenix bands and for the Phoenix Blues Society’s Blues in the Schools program.

Ray DeSylvester was filmed in the Spring of 2013 by the Arizona Highways Magazine Television Crew. The show features Arizona regions, and is aired on network television.

For smokin’ Blues at festivals, outdoor events, and specialty shows, contact front man Ray DeSylvester(Sweet Baby Ray) at ded1095@msn.com or find him on facebook: Sweet Baby Ray and also RayDeSylvester .

PK Gregory

PK Gregory

Careening wildly around the alt-country, folk and Americana genres like Johnny Cash on a hot-rodded Vespa, PK Gregory’s music is rooted in tradition, but with a kind of eclecticism and idiosyncratic storytelling bent that is more in line with Warren Zevon’s cheerful misanthropy than any old-fashioned sentimentality. 

With elements of folk, western swing, honky-tonk, and blues, and taking on a wide range of subjects from religion and sex to the zombie apocalypse, the songs are driven forward by foot drums, swirling fingerpicked guitar/bass, harmonica and an immediately-compelling baritone that calls to mind a young Cash singing Zevon’s “Excitable Boy” in some alternative-universe’s honkabilly heaven. 

Early life: 

Born in a single-wide trailer in Anchorage, Alaska and subsequently raised in the Oklahoma sticks, PK Gregory would have a pretty good claim on a classic white-trash upbringing if it weren’t for the fact that when he was twelve, his family inconveniently uprooted and moved to Stavanger, Norway. Though he did not know it then, this move would turn out to be one of the most important events in his life.  

Upon arrival in the land of lutefisk and lingonberry jam, PK, who was missing his friends back home and noticing that almost no one in this country had a cool dirt bike with yellow “mag” wheels like his, began to rebel. He began to wear black. He picked up smoking, or at least the habit of holding an unlit cigarette in his mouth. Because it could be lit, literally at any time. He listened to jazz records from the 40’s. But these counter-culture notions were just another way of becoming boringly mainstream, he realized, so he dropped the whole pretense and decided to go outside. 

Almost immediately falling in love with a beautiful, face-eating Norwegian blonde named Tone (pronounced “Tuna”), PK shed his Okie aspirations like a bad habit and began sucking down gravlaks like it was Cheez Whiz. Norway wasn’t so bad after all! Although there was this business of the weather. 

The following year, the Chernobyl reactor next door popped like a toxic zit and spewed it’s radioactive pus all over most of Northern Europe, especially Lapland, where Santa Claus lives. One night a few months after the disaster, and not knowing any better, the young PK ordered a reindeer steak at a local restaurant, mostly to irritate his father because it was the most expensive thing on the menu. Ordered medium rare but served well done, with an ominous green glow that lit up the room, PK unwittingly ate the entire steak, being a growing boy and having not yet seen the classic 1981 Chevy Chase film, “Modern Problems”. 

From then on his magnetic personality and telekinetic powers only grew. Somewhere along the way, he got a guitar, a record player, and a bunch of Peter Tosh records and began the long process of becoming the songwriter and man he is today.



Frank Stagliano


Frank Stagliano



AIN’T OVER ROSE, a Contemporary Pop/AC rock band, is releasing their self-titled debut CD very soon. Nine songs are already available. The band consists of singer/songwriter F.X. Stagliano from Philadelphia and drummer/percussionist Reynold “Butch” Carlson from Los Angeles.  Stagliano has been playing guitar/ keyboard and writing songs since the age of 15. His songs have been on U.S. radio in over 26 states. Carlson began playing drums at age 12 and has performed on over a dozen internationally released CDs.

The prodigious keyboardist/singer/songwriter, Billy Preston’s last studio recording was on Stagliano’s first CD, UP IN HERE, recorded nine years ago. John Roths, the Music Director at Texas radio station KEOS 89.1 called it, “the most intelligent CD he had heard in over a decade”.  Preston worked with Staggs and his band Treehouse, indicating that he wanted to give something back to the industry that had been so good to him. He was in the process of arranging for the band to be the opening act for Eric Clapton’s 2006 U.S. tour. However, Preston’s untimely death claimed one of the world’s greatest musicians and sent Stagliano back to his hometown of Philadelphia, despondent over the loss of his friend and far removed from the exposure and success that Treehouse might have enjoyed.

The new CD, AIN’T OVER ROSE, represents a sort of comeback for Stagliano and Carlson, and they look forward to touring soon. F.X. is currently playing solo in venues on the East coast, and Carlson continues his studio musician gigs in Los Angeles. The new CD was produced, engineered and mastered by Richard Mouser at The Mouse House in Los Angeles. Throughout his noteworthy career, he has worked with Weezer, Oleander, Nine Inch Nails and Tweaker. He also worked on the American Pie 2 Original soundtrack. His  influence and inspiration is witnessed throughout the CD, and he will be playing with the band at live performances. Two studio musicians from Hollywood, David Abercrombie (six string electric fretless bass guitar) and Alex Budman (tenor sax) also put their unique stamp on the project.

Discover this lyrically driven, multi-genre and artful band as they now plan to come out of the shadows, and stay tuned for upcoming recordings of new material which they embrace with great anticipation and excitement!



RonnoPiano Hosts Open Mic

ronnopiano by michael gallagherOur Good Pal John Ziegler has asked Ronno to fill in for him this Wednesday for Open Mic.  RonnoPiano is a Jerome photographer and musician who has semi-retired from the Jerome Fire Department.  He will have his piano set up and invite all budding and seasoned musicians to join him for some Holy Daze Jamz!

Bring your harmonica, ukuklele, drums, percussion, guitar, banjo or just yourselves and join in the merriment!