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Becky Dalke



Becky has been playing music since the moment she was able to hold wooden spoons and bang on pots and pans. She started playing drums at the age of 10 and has continued to play for over 30 years. She plays everything from drum kit to percussion and then some. Rhythms, Beats or just the blood pumping through her vanes keeps her going even when she is unable to play for that day.

She started playing guitar in High School but didn’t get serious about guitar until the late 90’s. When she turned 30 she started playing more and more . That was the time when she found her voice and started writing songs. Becky has played in many bands, playing drums mostly, during the years. From local bands such as the Acrylics (PHX), Lives of the Monster Dogs ( Atlanta GA). Along with playing guitar and singing solo as well as in Two Girls, a duo group with her friend Susan Kelly. Most recently playing drums and backup vocals for Teneia Sanders , Blaine Long and Haven James. Becky is also a singer/songwriter with several original recordings and has been nominated for a Bucky Award (as outstanding musician in Prescott) for the last 2 years. She performs at venues here in Prescott and through out Arizona. She is a part of Chicks with Picks another organization in Arizona that helps female musicians with scheduling gigs along with showing them the ins and outs of the music industry. Becky has preformed at many Chicks with Picks shows as well as their annual Chickstock Show. Becky has opened up for Lucinda Williams ( playing drums for Teneia Sanders, Chickstock 2012), Amy LaVere ( with Haven James), Holly Near ( with Two Girls) and Sarah Bettens ( Solo -Pride in the Pines).

Becky has continued to learn more and more about songwriting, playing guitar, collaborating with other musicians and enjoying life doing the one thing that she loves, Playing music and bringing joy to those who she plays for.

Becky started a monthly show in her home town Prescott AZ, featuring women artist and giving them a place to share their music and art with everyone. Her friends Have coined this show “BeckyFest” . “BeckyFest” was started in 2011 on September 11th and has been going strong ever since. In September of 2012 she celebrated BeckyFest’s 1year Anniversary by having a show to help her fellow Musical sister, Llory McDonald, in her fight against Breast Cancer. This is one way of helping not only her musical sisters but to help the women in her community.

Spirit Room Halloween

Join us for another spooky Jerome Halloween! This town is straight out of a horror movie, come see for yourself if you dare!

Live music all night! Drink Specials! Wear your classiest or trashiest costume!

Paul Cataldo

Paul Cataldo is an independent Americana singer/songwriter born and raised in South Eastern Massachusetts.  He developed his Appalachian mountain influenced brand of backwoods wilderness inspired Americana while living in Asheville, NC through his late 20’s and early 30’s.

Paul now records albums and tours for a living everywhere from Florida – Alaska and overseas from Lithuania to Portugal with his wife and bandmate Ieva Cataldo.   Paul and Ieva call their Ford Explorer and 2003 Scamp trailer home most of the year while they perform over 200 shows on average annually.

Paul’s new release “Wild & Free” (2018) is now available on iTUNES, Spotify, Pandora and Amazon.  Click here to check out Paul and Ieva’s video travel diary “Free, Wild & Restless – Diary of an American Singer/Songwriter.”


Full Moon Cleopatra Tribe World Dance Party


::: Cleopatra Tribe World Dance Party :::


Join DJ Lounge Lizard & the Tribe or Jerome Locals for a night of world music dance. Wear your funnest, craziest, classiest or trashiest get up to get in the Spirit of the Night! There will be a few guest DJs throwing down some unique dance music, drinks galore & good times to be had. Get wild & tribal with the Cleopatra Tribe. Meow!

AK Guitar – Andreas Kapsalis


Taos News - October 26, 2015 -  Guitarist innovates his way to excellence by Ariana Kramer.  Photo of Guitarist Andreas Kapsalis Courtesy of KAPROL Music

When Andreas Kapsalis began teaching himself to play guitar at age 11, he was captivated by heavy metal band ACDC and other riff-oriented guitar bands.

His original music is also influenced by a variety of ethnic folk traditions, flamenco, Americana, blues and rock and roll. But, what really stands out about Kapsalis’ music is his unique style of playing – using both hands on the fret board in a style reminiscent of a pianist.

Kapsalis returns to Taos from his home base of Chicago for two concerts. The first is Tuesday (Oct. 27), 7 p.m. at Taos Mesa Brewing, 20 ABC Mesa Road, off U.S. 64 west. Then on Wednesday (Oct. 28), he moves into town for a 7 p.m. show in the Adobe Bar at The Taos Inn, 125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte. There is no cover charge for either show.

After he cut a tendon in his left hand, Kapsalis lost the ability to play guitar. He eventually regained the use of his hand, but during the time he was incapacitated, he trained himself to play the guitar using only his right hand. When he started to play again with both hands, Kapsalis developed a unique technique he calls “10-finger tapping.”

“It’s a technique where you use both the hands on the fret board, kind of like a piano, so I can do a lot of different harmonies, a lot of different chords. I can play melody, bass and rhythm all at the same time, because I’m using all 10 fingers of both hands, versus the typical style of playing where you form shapes with one hand and play that same shape with the other hand. You can do two shapes at once and play multiple things that way, it’s almost like you can sound like two or three guitar players … I can play percussion and drum beats with one hand and play melody and chords with the other hand.”

Kapsalis is 100 percent Greek-American. His grandparents immigrated to the United States from Greece. He grew up listening to Greek music and sometimes incorporates it into his own compositions. In a broader sense, Kapsalis says his ethnicity has influenced his approach to music because it has made him more open to different styles of music. While he did write a song called Arcadian Blues that draws from American blues music and the folk music of Arcadia, the region in Greece where his family originated, Kapsalis says he does not write Greek folk music. He combines music styles found around the world, choosing those that embody the emotional quality he is seeking to communicate.

“I don’t play Greek folk music, I draw from it as much as I draw from American surf rock, as much as I draw from Delta blues or any Eastern European folk or even Indian ragas.”

Kapsalis just released a solo album this October with all original compositions. The album was recorded with an aim towards capturing all of the sounds Kapsalis teases out of the guitar — percussive and melodic — with his 10-finger tapping technique. He thinks of his songs as stories, with the melody following a storyline, and for that reason he considers melody to be the most important element of his songs.

Andreas Kapsalis

“I am very impressed that Andreas could cover on guitar what I had written for piano. It is quite amazing to hear my own music performed by great instrumentalists.” – Dave Brubeck, American jazz pianist and composer

“Andreas is reinventing the art of guitar playing. He is the next level.” – Jim Tulio, Grammy Award winning producer

“…finger-tapping fret man Andreas Kapsalis leads the Andreas Kapsalis Trio, (who are) creators of boundless pseudo-soundtrack work and one of the year’s best albums, Original Scores.” – Alarm Magazine

“Luckily, not all acoustic music is created equal. When done correctly, there is something thoroughly genuine about the genre, whose masters employ it as a way to mold the most conventional of instruments into a raw exhibition of feeling. The Andreas Kapsalis Trio is an experimental acoustic ensemble that takes a drastic step away from that boozy romantic on the frat-room couch and a step towards the much more intelligent interplay of inventive guitars and solid percussion.” – Chicago INTERVIEW

“One of the most amazing musicians!” – SMARTALECMUSIC.com



Mythic Valley



Salt Lake City, Utah’s own Neo-Fok/Indie Rock powerhouse duo, Mythic Valley make a stop in Jerome, AZ for a special night of music at Spirit Room on Thursday, September 12th!

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Mythic Valley set out to combine the earnest intimacy of folk with the grit of indie music. Their sound is eclectic, yet warm and personal, echoing the timeless storytelling of Americana, with a modern twist. Inspired by contemporary artists as diverse as The Shins, The Good Old War, Band of Horses, and Dawes the band blends in lush melodies with introspective lyrics and beautiful soundscapes, as shown on their recent full length release “A Monument, a Dream.” Find out more about Mythic Valley, and listen to their music:

https://www.facebook.com/mythicvalleymusic/ https://www.instagram.com/mythicvalley/ https://soundcloud.com/mythicvalley https://open.spotify.com/artist/4yi9vDpKWKV5xUsCtCRchP

Peaceful Outlaws


8 years ago in Berks County, PA, artist Dani Fisher answered a craigslist post about playing music. Soon thereafter, a five piece Americana/Folk/Bluegrassy/blues band rocked their way around.
After 4 years apart, Fisher and Strock have reunited in Preskitt, with more experience, originals and feeling. They are gearing up to play wherever and whenever the music takes them.
Catch them at Spirit Room Aug 17th 9-12!


The Fey

Spirit Room presents The Fey, a new musical styling from local duo Jonsey & Winter. Brings to mind The Cranberries & The Velvet Underground. Raw, authentic & refreshing. Cheers.

::: Gold Shimmer :::


Gold Shimmer is an independent LA based electro-soul band.  It is a surrealist collaboration led by songwriter Jeff Venter on vocals alongside Artyone Turner on synth and Mitchell Manburg on lead guitar.  Influenced by The Doors, the Gorillaz, and Earth, Wind, and Fire they can  groove, get weird, and vibe out.  Driven by a curiosity of music’s limitations, nontraditional narrative, and theatrics the trio aims to take their audience for a ride through another time and dimension.

The group began playing together in Spring 2017 as part a different band. After some time collaborating and performing together, Venter, Manburg, and Turner had a greater vision and reformed as “Gold Shimmer” the following year.

“We created a full back story with personas for ourselves. We thought long and hard about who we wanted to be on stage and put clear intention into every show, every song, every note. We wanted our art to extend beyond music,” remarks Manburg (of the reformation).

Their debut EP, “The Temple of Solace Pt. 1”, took launch in September of that year and the band found themselves playing notable LA venues such as The Satellite, The Peppermint Club, Silverlake Lounge, Federal Bar, upon many others. Currently, the band is busy performing regionally promoting their single and video, “Night Heat”, released 2019.