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Greasy McGhee

Putting the “Rascal” back in Rock, Greasy McGhee is a homegrown, all original band with a truckload of swagger!

Saint Patrick’s Day with Greasy McGhee features Nick James Michael adding vocals and the kind of lead guitar that just begs for some deep listening.  Mike “King Daddy” Morris on vocals, harmonica, percussion and rhythm guitar.  Michael McDonald is featured on bass and vocals with Matt Bell, the drummer for the band formerly known as the “Knuckleheads” rounding out this fabulously talented foursome featuring all original tunes.

That’s right, while it seems most folks were doubled up in the fetal position during covid, we were all busy writing music!  Now it’s your turn to come out and support singer/songwriting artists performing live.

Greasy McGhee is on Facebook!


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