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Sadie Norkin

July 19, 2024 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm America/Phoenix Timezone
Sadie Norkin

Sadie Norkin is an Arizona based, Washington bred, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Confronted with grief at a young age, Sadie always struggled to feel understood, and found solace through songwriting. Her cathartic process remains to be the common thread in her diverse works.

Performing local festival circuits while coming of age, she discovered her deep passion for connecting with live audiences and storytelling. Entertaining became a much-needed form of healing, guaranteeing a deeply soulful experience to any on-looker.

After completing her time at Berklee College of Music, Sadie moved across the country to manage a studio in LA. She experienced an eye-opening initiation into the business-sphere of the music industry. Suffice to say, it left an unsavory taste in her mouth as she ached to get back to her own sacred stage.

Sadie brings forth a style defined by the simple joy of songwriting and letting music speak for itself. Her recent and upcoming works draws inspiration from artists such as Aurora, St. Vincent, and A Perfect Circle.

Sadie’s music is a unique genre-transcendent interpretation of the human experience, exploring what it means to celebrate life, in an era defined by virtual reality. Her next release “Subtle Cruel” is scheduled for December 16th of 2022.

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