Spirit Room


The Naughty Bits Play New Years Eve 2023 at the Spirit Room!

The Naughty Bits!

Enjoy the naughty bits on New Years Eve 2023 at the Spirit Room.  Wait a minute, does that read right?  Enjoy the Naughty Bits on New Years Eve, 2023 at the Spirit Room?  Yes, Yes, Yes!
The Naughty Bits! know how to DO IT! The glam-rock influenced band who takes themselves not so seriously, takes their crowd quite seriously. Always throwing the party they’d want to go to themselves, every performance is full of medleys and mash-ups that run the gamut. From Rock n’ Roll via David Bowie era, to Funk Sly style, to bitchin’ 80’s New Wave like B-52’s. “They don’t do it anymore, but The Naughty Bits! do.”

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