Spirit Room


Video of Spirit Room Band Performances

The Word Famous Spirit Room Stage is once again playing host to an amazing array of musicians with many performances weekly.

Here is a collection of videos from past performances that make the Spirit Room in Jerome Arizona a must see on your next visit!

Check out who is playing this weekend at the spirit room via our Music Calendar page!  We hope to see you in person real soon.

The Well Dressed Wolves

Sweet Baby Ray & Blue Smoke

#Merican Slang

Frizzy & Edgy with Nick Michaels

Stephen Ashbrook

Scandalous Hands

Sam Pace & the Gilded Grit


36 cents & a Dream

Jeordie - A Medley

Combo Deluxe


The Hardaways

Sugar Thieves

Sugar Thieves

D Bess

Johnny Lingo

The Beatless


Jerry Riopelle & Llory McDonald

Los Guys

Major Lingo Slideshow



The Visitors